Streamlining Construction Management and Maximizing Efficiency: A Bowen Collins & Associates Success Story

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Brian Mecham has led his team to construction management success with public projects by discovering and leveraging a unique, agile software-and-services solution that delivers custom advantages while dramatically reducing cost. He and Laura M. Nee will present and discuss the Bowen Collins & Associates pathway to favorable outcomes through partnership with VPO, and they’ll demonstrate how other Construction Managers could also win and satisfy clients by providing real-time, portfolio-wide views, reducing risk, and eliminating the major financial drain of using hefty, inflexible enterprise software.

About the Speakers

Brian Mecham
Brian Mecham
Construction Services Leader, Bowen Collins & Associates
With an MBA in addition to his BS in Civil Engineering, Brian has built a career as an engineer that spans over 22 years. As Principal Engineer and Construction Services Leader at Bowen Collins & Associates, Brian designs and oversees construction of water treatment facilities, structures and water collection systems, water distribution systems, water retaining structures, bridges, retaining walls, reservoirs, buildings, and roadway facilities.
Laura M. Nee
Laura M. Nee 100x100
VPO Creator & CEO
Having begun her career as a software developer and business analyst, Laura has always had an interest in business-process re-engineering—helping companies improve their bottom line through automation. Having bought The Simplex Group, Inc., in 1998, Laura grew and transformed the company from an Oracle Primavera software and services reseller to VPO, a leading Microsoft-based solution provider for construction project management. Laura and her team used SharePoint to create VPO in 2008, as Virtual Project Office. They now customize and administer VPO in Microsoft 365 as a full-service solution for construction management.