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We’ve compiled the top three ways in which using a project management software can help you optimize your change orders and management processes. 

We all know that change is inevitable, and along with the changes in everyday aspects of life, we also face inevitable changes when it comes to our construction projects. Every project is a different size, has a different scope of work, and varies in complexity. It's certain that each project will face changes at some point in its lifecycle. However, in the construction industry, if change orders and an organization’s change management processes aren’t optimized, these typical changes can lead to major setbacks and costly delays.  

Construction projects always go through numerous stages, including pre-planning, bidding, estimations, engineering, design, and then the building and delivery of the project. Changes during these steps of the process interrupt the flow of the project’s scope of work, so it’s essential that your management processes mitigate risk as much as possible. 

To further discuss the benefits of utilizing a cloud-based solution, we’ve compiled the top three ways in which using a project management software, like VPO, can help you optimize your change orders and management processes. 


Quickly record potential change orders (PCOs) 

By switching your project management software to a cloud-based solution that is nested in the Microsoft 365 environment, you can quickly capture both change order requests (CORs) and requests for proposals (RFPs). Not only is it a quick process to capture these changes, but a cloud-based software allows your whole team to stay up to date on these potential changes, even notifying the applicable parties in real time. 

Additionally, by being able to record PCOs in a timely and organized manner, you can keep the process moving with much more ease. The reviewer can simply access the PCO once submitted, and either approve or deny it. Then, the reviewer can add important notes to the PCO, and reassign the ball-in-court contact, to automatically update the team and the contract log. 

With a construction project management software like VPO, you can also approve or deny change orders while on the go. Because VPO is a cloud-based software that utilizes the Microsoft 365 environment, you can access your contract logs, PCOs, and RFPs right on your mobile device.  

Not only can you access your contract log on your phone or tablet, but you can even add notes, or approve or deny PCOs when you’re on site--even offline! VPO software will automatically update and sync your edits to the change order once you're back online, alerting your team with the necessary next steps. 

Manage the change order process more efficiently 

Before cloud-based solutions were available, construction owners and managers had to keep track of their change orders and requests for proposals through traditional methods like email and spreadsheets. Now, change management processes can be much more streamlined and efficient. 

With VPO project management software, if an owner decides to proceed with the change order, they can simply status the COR to an approved change order in VPO, attach a formal change order document generated from their accounting system, and assign the ball-in-court contact as the contractor. This streamlined step generates an automatic email notification to the contractor to begin work on the revised plan. The contractor can also automatically notify their subcontractors of the change order the same way in VPO so that everyone is working to the same scope. It’s essential that all team members are working from the latest data and information, so automatic notifications and updates are crucial in the change order routines.

At every step in the process you’ll also have full documentation and an audit trail with date and timestamp data on change order updates and timelines. 

Control the budget and link changes to your financials 

One of the most game-changing advantages to using a project management software like VPO to manage your change orders is the fact that your change management details are directly linked to your financials.  

With VPO, you can track both approved change orders and pending change orders against your contracts and use this information to forecast the revised budget. If a cost overrun is detected, you’ll be able to resolve it to meet your budget and get back to work. 

By being able to eliminate timely steps in between the steps of your financial processes, you can quickly reset your plans as necessary in regard to your updated project budget.



Since change is inevitable in life, and certainly inevitable when it comes to your construction projects, it’s critical to have an optimized change management routine and system in place for both yourself and your team. 

Changes to your construction project can happen at any stage in the project’s lifecycle, and that’s why it’s so important to manage your PCOs with a Construction Project Management Software. VPO’s cloud-based solutions can take your change order systems to the next level. By utilizing VPO’s Microsoft 365 environment, you can minimize your risk of costly delays and setbacks by eliminating the chance of change management errors, and continuously keep your project on the right track.  

To learn more about how VPO Construction Project Management Software can keep you and your team up to speed on all of your project’s latest changes and developments, schedule a demo with us today. 


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