Find more time in your day.

Find more time in your day.

As project managers, we’re always trying to balance three elements: people, time, and money. If only we could find more time in a day.  Scheduling a meeting can take days or even weeks, depending on who’s invited and what their calendars look like. As the organizer, you have to propose a few dates and times, and wait for invitees to reply. Even then, there may not be a single option that works for everyone; you might have to start the whole process all over again.

Enter FindTime, from Office 365. An Outlook add-in, it can help you find workable meeting times by looking at your invitees’ available free/busy information, and creating a poll so that team members can vote on your proposed times—or even suggest new times.


If your company uses Office 365 you can start using it today –for free! Recipients that you invite to meetings do not require any special software. They only need Internet access and an e-mail address.

So start saving your valuable time today, and spread the word. You won’t regret it. Yet another reason to love Office 365. For installation instructions, please visit Microsoft’s website at

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