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Integrating ERP & Construction Project Mgmt. Software

Major challenges facing building owners is how ERP, whether it's SAP, Sage, Oracle, or Microsoft, is integrating with non-ERP applications.

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One of the major challenges facing building owners is how their ERP, whether it’s SAP, Sage, Oracle, or Microsoft, is integrating with non-ERP applications, like construction project management software.

Construction project management software is used by building owners and their construction managers, general contractors, and other business partners to synchronize the delivery of their capital building programs. Cloud-based construction project management software manages documents and drawings, creates better workflows, and allows access to information anywhere, anytime.

It’s essential to get the financial and other business functions handled by the ERP synchronized with the project management functions of the construction project management software.

Both ERP and construction project management software have the same mission: to make businesses more efficient, profitable and smarter. The aim of both is to simplify, yet the ERP is very complicated.

But it’s more than simple data migration. It’s about putting all the necessary information into the hands of project managers, leadership and other stakeholders for overall business agility. It’s about getting 100 percent visibility into their spend, using data to benchmark against projects.

Challenges and Opportunities

Often there is overlap of data being managed within a project management system and other line-of-business applications within an organization. The last thing anyone wants is to chase information or duplicate data entry and processes that costs employees’ valuable time.

Connecting Your Information

Every software system contains a multitude of important data – defining the system that data is entered in, determining the frequency of when it is exchanged with other systems, and developing the mapping of data between various applications. Information needs to be pulled, updated and displayed dynamically between cloud-based applications and existing systems without creating information silos.

As the number and types of integration project continues to grow and companies digitize more processes, it will take time and resources to integrate or to make the necessary connections. A solid data exchange, such as an open API (application programming interface) needs to be created. Regardless, it’s valuable to create the data interface to mobilize business processes.

The highly complex nature of the construction sector creates tremendous pressure to remain flexible and agile.

Make the most of your software investments. Enhance your construction project management solution and other business functions with integration. Achieve seamless connectivity now to yield better insight.

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Laura Nee squareLaura Nee is creator of VPO construction project management software and president and CEO of VPO and its parent company, The Simplex Group. The Simplex Group has 35 years’ experience in construction project management and in integrating open-platform ERP systems. Customization and problem-solving is VPO’s specialty. Learn how VPO can work with and enhance your other software.

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