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Engineering and construction projects, project managers need to make sure items that require approval aren’t delayed. Need to approve a change order

Today, people work from anywhere–their office, home, car, doctor’s office, and even more interesting locations! We live in a world where we’re used to having access to information anywhere, at any time, and from whichever device we prefer at the moment. With apps on our tablets or smartphones, we are accustomed to having a simple yet intuitive interface that helps us stay on top of the information that’s important to us. We get updates on our friends and family via our Facebook app; we keep up on the news with our Twitter app. So why shouldn’t you stay on top of your project using an app? Look no further. VPO has you covered!

In engineering and construction projects, project managers need to make sure items that require approval aren’t delayed. Need to approve a change order, but you’re traveling over the next few days from job site to job site? The superintendent in the field needs a quick and easy way to document what progress was made on site that day. Or, maybe a worker needs to access a drawing and ask a question for clarification. Whatever the need, and wherever you are, your project-management system should make gaining access to your project information as easy as if you were sitting in an office at a computer.

Gain Insight from Rich Graphics on your Mobile Device

VPO Project DashboardBecause VPO is delivered in Microsoft Office 365, our clients can take advantage of the latest apps offered by Microsoft to access project data and documents managed in VPO. And not only can you access the project information, but you can manage it using your mobile device–as easily as if you were sitting at a desktop computer. With SharePoint Mobile and OneDrive apps, our clients can view their Portfolios page and Project Home page from VPO using their mobile device, just like they can from their desktop’s browser.

Deliver Intelligent Information to You

In the SharePoint mobile app, the Sites tab displays projects and sites that you visit frequently, and that you’re following. The sites can be projects in VPO and sites from your company’s intranet.

The sites are delivered to you intelligently based on your login credentials, and it’s the same as when you log into the SharePoint home page in Office 365. Once you select a project or a site, you will be taken to an Activities view that lists all the actions that people on your team have taken recently, keeping you abreast of the most current content on your project. You can also easily navigate through the content of your project to manage RFIs, Submittals, Daily Reports, and more.

VPO - Following SitesSPMF Activity FeedVPO Mobile Navigation


RFIWith the SharePoint mobile app, you can review, edit, and add to the information from your mobile device. So whether you’re just replying to an RFI or creating a Daily Report from the field, you have full access to your project data. When you edit or add a new item, you can add attachments like photos and videos.

You can route the item to the next person in line for review by changing the Ball-in-court, and add your own comments to the item.

Find Project Information Quickly through Search

You can search for any keyword(s), and the SharePoint Mobile app will display results filtered by Sites, Files, and People, to help you find information quickly and easily.

Click on a document, and you can view its contents, scrolling through multiple pages, and you can choose to edit it, share it, and more, right from your mobile device

Search FunctionalityEdit-Documents-204x300

Access Schedules in Project Online

With the SharePoint Mobile app, you can view project schedules managed in Project Online. In this case, you may want to use a tablet like an iPad rather than a smartphone to view the Project Center–just because the screen is larger; however, both devices are supported.


How do I get the SharePoint Mobile app?

To use the SharePoint Mobile app with VPO and your company’s intranet sites, go to Microsoft’s Support page for SharePoint Mobile. The SharePoint Mobile app is available for iOS, Android, and Windows 10 Mobile devices.
You can also visit this page from your mobile device:

For support information on your specific OS, please visit:


Windows Mobile

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