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The 4 Important Advantages of Mobile Software

With remote work being more prevalent due to the current coronavirus crisis, it’s important to have access to your project information from anywhere.

Since remote work is more prevalent due to the current coronavirus crisis, it’s now imperative to have access to your construction project information from wherever you are, at any given time. It’s not only important that your data is accessible; it’s critical that your data is automatically updated and current. Between the office, your at-home workstation, jobsites, and virtual meetings with key project leaders, you’re always on the go as a construction manager. 

That’s why cloud-based mobile software is a game changer for managing your construction projects. With VPO you can have access to the online environment of your project using a PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone – any time, from virtually anywhere. You can even sync documents locally to be able to work with them offline. 

As the current landscape of the construction industry is uncertain and many changes are constantly occurring, it’s vital to stay on top of the latest project developments. To help you learn about the benefits of mobile construction management, we’ve compiled the top 4 advantages. 

1. Oversee your projects in real time 

Whether you’re traveling to the job site, working from home, or working out of your vehicle, you still need access to your project information. And if you’re managing multiple projects and needing to sign off on important developments, having real-time access remotely is important for ensuring that your projects don’t face delays.  

Project-Dashboard-1No matter where you are, or what the task, your project-management software should make gaining access and gathering information as easy as if you were sitting in your office with your colleagues. Through a cloud-based solution like VPO, you can revise and review RFIs and Submittals, conduct jobsite inspections, markup drawings, submit Daily Reports with photos--all from your mobile devices--greatly improving efficiency when your team is working remotely. 

Additionally VPO has the capability to let you access your project documents and make edits even if you do not have internet access. If you’re traveling and you hit an offline zone, you can still access your project documents and make changes. Once you regain service, VPO mobile software will automatically sync with the latest updates you made.

2. Improve Communication

SPMF-Activity-FeedAs most of us are currently working remotely, there has been an inevitable learning curve in adapting our communications. Since we are no longer having interactions and sharing information face-to-face, staying on top of important developments while being apart is vital to maintaining the success of projects. 

Our mobile devices already alert us about the weather, social media updates, and text messages, so why shouldn’t we be able to get alerts about our construction projects, too? Mobile construction project management software like VPO can alert you when project developments are taking place, documentation is being approved, and so much more.  

By utilizing mobile construction software, you keep project information flowing freely and seamlessly among team members, owners, and managers. And when all parties involved in a project have access to the same real-time information, the collaboration process is as positive and effective as it would be if all parties were working together in the same physical office space.  

3. Increase Project Visibility 

RFIWhen using VPO and the SharePoint mobile app, you have access and insight to your team’s schedule and activity right from your phone or tablet. Additionally since VPO is based out of Microsoft 365, users can access the latest apps offered by Microsoft to access project data and documents managed in VPO. And not only can you access the project information, but you can manage it using your mobile device–as easily as if you were sitting at a desktop computer. You can also easily navigate through the content of your project to manage RFIs, submittals, daily reports, and more. 

Additionally, the SharePoint mobile app allows you to access your construction project management information quickly and easily through advanced search capabilities. You can search for any keyword(s), and the SharePoint Mobile app will display results filtered by sites, files, and people, to help you find information you need. 

When you find what you’re looking for, you can simply click on it to view the contents, edit it, and share it--right from your mobile device. 

4. Minimize Delays

Edit-DocumentsAt VPO, we understand how demanding your project timelines can be. And with the current economic climate causing unexpected bumps in the road in your projects, it’s more important than ever to have a tight grasp on your schedule.  

By utilizing a project management software with mobile capabilities, you can be certain that you’ll never miss an important notification or ball-in-court item. By having access to your project data wherever you are, you can keep the project moving and maintain a productive timeline, ensuring that nothing is slipping through the cracks or causing costly delays. With a mobile solution, you can also get notified of issues or potential delays as quickly as they arise, so that you can work to resolve the issue and get the project back on task. 

Even though things may seem quite uncertain with the current coronavirus crisis affecting our jobs and economic stability, it is certain that the integration of mobile construction management software will help you navigate the ups and downs of your project’s timeline and developments.  

To learn more about VPO’s mobile construction project management software and capabilities, watch a demo today. 

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