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The Unique Advantages of a Paperless System

One of the biggest and most positively influential changes you can make in your construction project management business is to go paperless.

This year has thrown us many curveballs and forced us to make decisions and reevaluate our processes, software, and systems. One of the biggest and most positively influential changes you can make in your construction project management business is to go paperless. 

It’s time to say goodbye to the fax machine. It may be hard to imagine going paperless, and you might be wondering if that’s even possible, but we can assure you that it is – and its way simpler than you might think.  

Going paperless with your documentation is not only environmentally friendly but is also incredibly efficient and can take your documentation to the next level. By using a cloud-based software, like VPO, you can make your documentation like drawings, QA/QC documents, and photos technologically savvy, secure, and organized. 

To help you make the transition from mailing, scanning, and organizing your construction documentation manually, we’ve compiled our top four advantages to going paperless using a cloud-based software. 

1. Document Syncing 

If you haven’t used a cloud-based software for your construction documentation yet, you’re probably tired of having to double or triple-check your documentation to make sure it’s the right version. 

By transferring your documentation to digital formats on a project management software, like VPO, you can have your documentation automatically sync and update to the latest version. At VPO, we believe that this factor alone makes going paperless truly life-changing!  

These syncing capabilities also allow you to also develop an audit trail that gets created automatically. This means that you don’t have to develop your own auditing process, saving you time, money, and energy.  

Additionally, when you’re offline and working on the jobsite, the edits you make to a document while offline will automatically be updated in the cloud once you gain internet access again. By going paperless, you don’t have to make a special trip to the office to update your paperwork or share it with your team. 

2. Organization and Storage 

AdobeStock_230637482When storing your project documents traditionally, whether that be in filing cabinets, personal hard-drives, or the jobsite, they can easily get lost. 

By transferring your documentation to a cloud-based software, all your important files are stored in one place and are accessible from virtually anywhere. Additionally, you have many options to how you would like to organize your files.  

When it comes to internal vs. external paperless documentation, you also can set up distinct separations. By using a paperless system, you can separate budget numbers and payroll from project drawings, ensuring that you don’t share confidential information with outside parties. 

Also, if you integrate VPO software into your business, you have the ability to leverage Microsoft’s Office 365 environment, receiving 1 TB of file storage in Microsoft OneDrive to store any type of project file–job site photos, drawings, inspection reports, and more. 

3. Security Protocols and Distinctions 

Documentation security is extremely important, syou don’t want to let human error dictate the strength of your security measures. By moving to paperless documentation, you can set up unique security protocols and distinctions right in your cloud-based software. 

By going paperless, your documents can be shared with appropriate parties by a link that is sent directly to an individual through their unique email address with specific permissions included. You can easily modify permissions and roles on certain documents as needed throughout the lifecycle of the job at hand. 

You can also set different distinctions by the individual document, folder, and more. You can alsset passwords for certain documents, and even set time-sensitive passwords that expire after a specific amount of time has elapsed.

4. Mobile Capabilities 

AdobeStock_329014846One of the most progressive advantages of parting ways with your fax machine is the ability to view your project’s documentation right on your mobile device when you’re on the go. By moving to paperless processes, you have the added ability of viewing and tracking your documentation on your smartphone, tablet, and more. 

Nowadays, it’s extremely common to be on the move at any given time. Cloud-based software allows you to enter and retrieve document data straight from your mobile device when you’re on the jobsite - even if you are offline and in a remote location. 

Making the jump to a paperless process might seem uncomfortable and scary. However, at VPO, we can assure you that introducing paperless documentation into your workflows will only benefit and strengthen your organization. 

A paperless system gives you the ability to automatically sync your documentation, set security protocols and distinctions, view your documents on your mobile device, and develop your own unique organization and storage set-up.  

If you are curious about switching to a paperless software but want to know more information, reach out to us today and schedule a demo! 

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