Time to Work Smarter: How to Build a Meaningful Construction Schedule That You Can Manage From

To help you get started on building a digital schedule that is both meaningful and manageable, use a forward-thinking project management software

While everyone knows that we can’t predict the future, that doesn’t mean that we don’t want to. And when it comes to the construction projects that you’re managing, the ability to foresee unexpected changes and curveballs is crucial 

Because you can’t guarantee that everything will go as planned when managing construction projects, it’s essential to use as many tools in your technology tool belt as possible to be able to foresee bumps in the road and manage every aspect of the project to the best of your ability.  

At the core of any construction project lies the schedule. For certain parties, a project’s schedule will be utilized multiple times a day and will be shared with everyone who plays an active role in the success of that project. The schedule is one of the most important tools in your belt that you can service as your primary source to staying on track.  

By leveraging your project’s schedule as not just a static timeline, but as a digital and dynamic document for all incoming and outgoing information, you can convert the ways that you would traditionally manage your projects and provide your team with real-time updates. And by setting a baseline for your schedule, you'll be able to set best practices for managing future projects to come. 

To help you get started on building a digital schedule that is both meaningful and manageable, we’ve outlined the ways that utilizing a forward-thinking project management software, like VPO, can provide you with a multitude of benefits to make your project run smoother from start to finish.

1. Receive live-action updates in one place

Live action updates VPOBy utilizing a software like VPO, you can give real-time updates to your entire team working on the project. Every person working on the job can have access to the project’s schedule on their personal devices through Microsoft 365’s cloud-based structure. This factor eliminates the need for redundant emails and gets everyone involved and on the same page, every day. You can cut out questions like “Who’s working on this?” and “What’s the latest update?” and get back to the tasks at hand. 

As a partner of VPO and CEO & President of DeSalvo Enterprises, Inc., I have used VPO’s Construction Project Management Software and scheduling modules effectively and efficiently in my business every day.  

DeSalvo Enterprises, Inc. is a construction project management service provider. We provide our clients with a full range of project management and construction management services and anything else that a client would need to perform a capital project.

“By using VPO, everyone associated with the project is on the same platform. Since adopting VPO, we now have the ability to communicate and disseminate information in a much more efficient and expeditious manner. There is no lag time in anything, and it is a live-active platform that is continuously updating important information. The person managing the schedule can get the latest information without having to continuously update information from all partiesIt is truly a one source stop for all information in one location. - Dominick DeSalvo, DeSalvo Enterprises Inc. 

Additionally, you're able to get a portfolio view of all projects managed within your organization. Executive Management can get a quick snapshot of Key Progress Indicators (KPIs), or information that is important to making sure you’re staying on track. 

2. Efficiently Forecast

Forecasting with VPO Construction Project Management SoftwareForecasting can be a battle against time and resources. Usually, when doing forecasting for construction projects, it can take anywhere from one to two weeks. By the time the forecasting is completed, it’s already old news due to new developments, leaving you to start the process all over again.

By implementing a construction project management schedule that is cloud-based and accessible to multiple users with specific permissions, forecasting can only take a matter of hours, saving you precious time in your day. Because owners and managers aren’t just looking at a static PDF version of the schedule, what-if analysis can be performed at a much more efficient speed. 

Not only can the active schedule help you adjust your forecasting in a much more accurate manner, the digital schedule presents itself as a historical document as well, showcasing each step that was taken as time progresses so there’s never any second-guessing.

3. Ability to be dynamic

Dynamic with VPO Construction Project Management SoftwareMore than ever, the ability to be mobile is essential. Traditional on-the-job roll calls are sometimes only used when necessary, and more people are working remotely than ever before. And when unpredictable events happen, such as the pandemic we’re experiencing currently with COVID-19, plans are turned upside down at a moment's notice. However, a dynamic, digital schedule can help you stay ahead of the curve and get moving to combat the sudden changes to your plan.

Since VPO is mobile-friendly, applicable team members can also access the schedule from anywhere while they’re on the go and see a visual representation of any changes.  

A project’s schedule is not to remain static either. By leaning into the dynamic capabilities of a cloud-based software, you can essentially make your schedule work for you and not the other way around. We always recommend building templates that include a standard Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), activities with estimated durations, established logic between tasks, assigned generic resources, estimated labor costs, and anything else you know about the project that can be a starting point for your future jobs. Not only will this process aid in reducing the time it takes to develop a project schedule, but it will provide a consistent progress report across any project managed within your organization. 

By transforming your scheduling space to a dynamic, all-in-one environment, everyone in your organization can always stay informed. You will be able to easily manage your projects and timeline while you are also planning for the future.  

To learn more about how VPO Construction Project Management Software can help your organization build a manageable and meaningful schedule, watch a demo today. 

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