VPO is a Capital Program Management Solution for Owners

Centralize and standardize. Gain efficiency and visibility. Your program, your way.

As proud Construction Management Association of America members and presenters, we invite you to speak with us about how VPO can help you stay connected, give you better visibility, and save you time and money--with full-service administration and support for all internal and external users.


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Improve Collaboration. Control Costs. Standardize Across Projects.

VPO is a custom program management solution designed specifically for Construction Project & Portfolio Owners. Streamline and enforce your business processes, control capital program budgets, and work better as a team--with every participant, from concept to closeout.

  • Flexible for your unique business processes
  • Built on SharePoint, and powered by 39+ years of construction project management experience and tech expertise
  • Secure and easy to use, in Microsoft 365, with full-service administration and support for all internal and external users 

We understand.  We're with you.  We've got this.


The only software that would be worth anything to you is one that all of your stakeholders and participants could use from the beginning of the project to the end, easily; and that they'd just be required to use, automatically, the way you want. So far, you haven't seen anything like that. We can help:


Friendly, Familiar Interface

Invite everyone in your workflow to use VPO--stakeholders, partners, architects, engineers, and contractors. You'll all get full-service onboarding, administration, and support--and it's all in Microsoft 365.


Centralize & Standardize

Streamline and enforce your own processes so that participants work on your projects the way you decide, all from one place. Track and manage critical KPIs across projects with easily comparable metrics.


Executive Dashboards & Project Center

Never question the real-time status of a project or task again. Easily view and update robust, high-level, actionable reports to keep your team ahead of the game--and to keep your stakeholders informed and happy.


Organizing the chaotic, simplifying the complex, and standardizing the inconsistent--we’re supercharging construction management together as a team. VPO employees, customers, and users unite and work as partners so they can reach project completion on budget, on time, and on good terms--with an automatically generated archive of all project data and interactions.


Every customer is unique, but there are some common frustrations that bring teams to VPO.


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You're up and running right away--but that's just the beginning.



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When your internal and external users have questions, we’re the ones who respond.


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Project and Portfolio Owners rely on VPO's experience, expertise, flexibility, and security.


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VPO becomes the primary source of truth for all of our consultants. It’s the site of record for any drawing and document, for any project, for real-time reference anywhere, anytime. Everyone was setting up their own project sites in SharePoint. The lack of consistency was a major problem. We didn’t have one central place where we can look at the entire portfolio of projects. It was a much more decentralized delivery process.

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Everything is within the realm of implementation with VPO. If I’m out of the office and if somebody wants to know about a bid on a project, that information is available right there on my phone. I’m not going to have to chase down a project manager who may be unavailable.  The ability to run what-if reports on how many projects we have bidding next week, for example, really helps. We will then be able to translate that data into a more robust way to tackle workload management.

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The VPO platform enables us to work as if we are all in the same room instead of having project communications and interactions become fragmented by relying on email, everyone involved in the project can access the platform to stay on the same page. Working with our customers becomes more of a collaborative, interdependent effort, which ultimately facilitates change management. We are saving time, controlling costs, maximizing resource utilization, increasing throughput, and making fewer mistakes--which were our goals when we implemented the VPO solution.

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We are not a construction firm. We are a steel-making company that is growing rapidly with several large construction projects going on at the same time. Previously, each division had its own approach to managing its construction projects, and the construction group was searching to find common practices to track ongoing projects. . .We realized we needed a single, cloud-based platform with heightened security protocols to bring consistency, standardization, repeatability, and greater efficiency to the way that we manage our internal construction projects.

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VPO is compartmentalized very well and provides the access control tools that we need to automate information flows as well as workflows. By managing user access and tying that access into workflows, we are realizing additional efficiencies as well as the heightened transparency required of a governmental entity. And, at the end of the project, everything is archived, preserving a public record on every project.

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