On the VPO team are people who each share their unique strengths, and who appreciate each other’s distinct contributions. Whether focused on business development or implementation, for a Fortune-500 project owner or a small construction management firm, we all strive to support the success and satisfaction of each individual customer and colleague.


The VPO Team


Beth Anderson

VPO Co-creator & Senior Solution Consultant

Implementing, configuring, and customizing VPO by first deeply understanding customer needs and then designing and developing specific technical and process-focused solutions, Beth guides our new customers through onboarding and training, and ensures that our solution exceeds expectations.

Having been a company leader delivering training and professional services for AEC customers since 1999, she’s a VPO-riginal!

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Laura Nee

VPO Creator, CEO & Acting Director of Sales

As our corporate visionary, Laura gathers input from our team members, sets our strategy and direction, gets everyone on board, and leads the way. Having delivered software and services for AEC customers since 1998, she also enjoys providing industry resource information for our customers and colleagues, and moderating our Customer Advisory Board. Laura bought this business 25 years ago, and has successfully transformed our company from an Oracle Primavera solution provider into an independent innovator. 

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Justina Hyland

Solution Consultant

With over 20 years of experience in project management, Justina has developed a successful career in the high-tech computer industry—most recently with one of our valued, current customers, as Director, Project Management Office, Adobe. Skilled in team building and leadership in addition to contract management and strategic planning, she brings to the table not just a breadth of knowledge, but also a deep understanding of the value in cultivating and nurturing strong relationships. Justina has further developed and honed her program and project management expertise by earning an MBA with a focus in Global Management.

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Christine Pacyna

Director of Customer Success

The creator of our user portal, Chris now directs our team of experts in delivering VPO services, administration, and support for each unique customer and their project participants. Holding a J.D. and having previously worked on Capitol Hill, for a judge, as a practicing attorney, in information management and governance, and most recently as a consultant in eDiscovery and SharePoint, Chris has always taken an interest in learning and applying the latest tech. As a creative and resourceful thinker, she engages consultatively and strategically with our customers to ensure their success and satisfaction.


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Mike Jenson

Mike Jenson

Support Engineer

Before joining VPO, Mike served other organizations in positions such as IT Director, Network Administrator, and Systems Engineer, and he’s a Microsoft 365/Azure Administrator. He’s skilled and knowledgeable in Windows Server, Exchange Server, and Windows Desktop Operating Systems to include hardware/software troubleshooting as well. He aims to provide the highest levels of support while resolving user and customer needs in a friendly and timely manner.

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Rebecca Walk

Solution Consultant

Before joining VPO, Rebecca worked in information security for 18 years, focusing on customer impact and satisfaction in everything she does. Here she continues to dedicate herself to customers--in the role of Solution Consultant, working to bring value to each unique customer account through engaging with, listening to, understanding, and serving customer needs.

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VPO_Toni Harris-White_AU

Toni Harris-White

Solution Coordinator

Antoinette--Toni--has over 30 years of experience performing a variety of tasks on multimillion-dollar construction projects in the private and public sectors. Her projects have included a US Navy base renovation, hospital expansions, and new senior and student housing. For the past decade, as a Senior Document Control Manager and Trainer, she's been focused on two major interstate highway projects, and international airport expansion capital programs.

Toni has key knowledge and expertise to offer in construction, from conception to completion, with experience in eDMS with document control and field management, on and off site. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science from the University of Phoenix, and is a Certified Document Technologist via Construction Specification Institute (CSI). In addition, she continues to expand her knowledge in the construction industry by earning several certifications of learning through LinkedIn University.

Toni enjoys working with end users, and assisting in developing and learning new software programs. She's gained experience with many systems, including CMiC PM, Prolog, American Contractor, Procore, SharePoint, Oracle Primavera Expedition/Contract Management, Bluebeam, Adobe, Microsoft Office 365, Aconex--and now VPO.

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Audrey Dunning

Senior Advisor

A technology-industry veteran and former CEO, Audrey shares her experience and expertise by mentoring the VPO team.

She guides us on growth strategies, and gives us recommendations on operational models.

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Jennifer Zezza

Director of Product Management

Jen oversees and contributes to the development, design, and customization of VPO. She plays an integral part in determining our solution roadmap, and works with our team to improve and streamline VPO continually.

Additionally she assists our Support team with satisfying customer and user requests.

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Josiah Lockley

Customer Success Manager

In 2022, Josiah joined VPO with over 14 years of experience in Customer Success and Customer Support, having served clients and users in the Construction SaaS and Robotics industries. As VPO Customer Success Manager, Josiah develops and nurtures relationships with our customers to ensure their satisfaction and earn their loyalty.

He performs the role of customer partner and VPO-team liaison, helping each unique customer determine and achieve their own strategic goals for their business and their project portfolio.

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Jim Headshot Circle 11 16 2022

Jim Little

Business Development Representative

A native Pittsburgher, Jim attended the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg. While double-majoring in Business Management and Psychology, Jim played baseball as well. After working in Operations for a few years, he moved into a sales/business development role, which he's been performing for various companies over the past ten years. Jim loves spending time with his wife and their two young children--in addition to reading mystery novels, playing golf, going for hikes, and coaching kids' sports teams. He also enjoys traveling and experiencing different cultures, food, and local sporting events.

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Daisy Miksch

Director of Operations & Marketing

Having earned an M.Ed. after studying philosophy and linguistics, Daisy serves as the team’s primary communicator, and leads our marketing efforts. Formerly a Montessori teacher, and a business owner offering music classes for families, she also manages the execution and delivery of a variety of operations activities and services--from optimizing our resources for maximal growth and satisfaction, to planning events, and streamlining our HR policies and processes for minimal friction. Serving AEC customers as part of our team since 2006, Daisy is proud to be a VPO-riginal!

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Travis Nay

Senior Support Engineer

Travis provides timely and accurate user assistance, helps set up new project sites, and invites our clients’ external users to VPO. Through his experience as an IT Manager, he has developed a strong skill set with Windows Server, Exchange, and SharePoint administration (on-premise and Microsoft 365), Citrix Access Essentials and XenApp, in addition to PC repairs and troubleshooting Windows OS software.

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Connor Proctor

Cybersecurity, IT & Administration Manager

Connor’s experience includes providing information technology consulting and support for a wide variety of organizations. He aims to deliver quick and friendly assistance in anticipating and resolving client needs. An enthusiast in cloud technologies, he carries certifications in both Microsoft 365 and Azure Administration, and serves as our IT coordinator and cybersecurity specialist.

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Kelly Rickli

Product Designer

Kelly joined VPO after building a career in design and architecture. Dedicated to optimizing both VPO’s look and feel, and our users’ experience, Kelly takes the perspective of a VPO user in order to plan and design an interface that’s smooth, intuitive, and easy. Strong in both logical and creative thinking, she enjoys customizing VPO–and the VPO experience–for each unique client and their internal and external users. Kelly empathizes, analyzes, and delivers solutions that support and strengthen our customers’ work.

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Amanda Uhme 2

Amanda Uhme

Operations Manager
Amanda is a Pittsburgh native, joining VPO with 10+ years in organization management experience. She works with VPO to improve processes, communications, and collaboration with the goal of driving success and satisfaction throughout the team.
After starting her career in the non-profit sector, she grew from an account manager to general manager of a local business development firm where she practiced her passions for strategic customer service and internal team development. A graduate of The George Washington University, she holds a B.A. in Political Communication and an M.P.S. in Political Management, though she left the "political" portion of those degrees back in D.C. after switching to the private sector.
Amanda enjoys long-distance hiking, cycling, and kayaking. From late March to early November during non-working hours, you can find her on any of Pittsburgh's many beautiful softball fields where she coaches or plays on 5-7 teams depending on the season. 
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Bob Delach

Finance Advisor

Bob reviews, analyzes, and improves our financial forecasts and reporting, and helps us develop a sound set of expense assumptions for managing our growth.

His advice and oversight on accounting, record-keeping, and tax compliance assist our team in establishing performance metrics and keys to financial success.

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Jeremy Smith

Strategy Advisor & Solution Consultant

A multi-disciplinary consultant with over 20 years of professional experience designing and implementing technology and data solutions, Jeremy advises the VPO team on topics as diverse as leveraging lean/agile methods like Kanban to prioritize and oversee product-development initiatives, how to define and execute proof-of-technology or -concept exercises to inform our solution architecture and roadmap, and pricing models for subscriptions and services.

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Rebecca Walk

Solution Consultant


Before joining VPO, Rebecca worked in information security for 18 years, focusing on customer impact and satisfaction in everything she does. Here she continues to dedicate herself to customers--in the role of Solution Consultant, working to bring value to each unique customer account through engaging with, listening to, understanding, and serving customer needs.

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Joshua Henderson

Application Developer


Josh has always been driven by a desire to create. Since beginning his tech career in 2014, he has worked in a variety of IT positions in industries ranging from retail through professional sports—including deploying IT infrastructure for acquisitions, and managing and supporting all aspects of the IT department for a small company. Over the years Josh has developed a love for bringing value to companies through building--specifically through Microsoft tools such as Power Automate and PowerShell. 
Residing in beautiful Pennsylvania with his wife and two dogs, Josh is often found working in his home lab in his free time. He hosts a multitude of virtual machines, Docker containers, and storage servers, with the aim of continuously developing his IT skills.
Josh hopes to share what he's learned, as well as to inspire others to build and create, while adding value to our customers’ work and our own.

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VPO becomes the primary source of truth for all of our consultants. It’s the site of record for any drawing and document, for any project, for real-time reference anywhere, anytime. Everyone was setting up their own project sites in SharePoint. The lack of consistency was a major problem. We didn’t have one central place where we can look at the entire portfolio of projects. It was a much more decentralized delivery process.

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Everything is within the realm of implementation with VPO. If I’m out of the office and if somebody wants to know about a bid on a project, that information is available right there on my phone. I’m not going to have to chase down a project manager who may be unavailable.  The ability to run what-if reports on how many projects we have bidding next week, for example, really helps. We will then be able to translate that data into a more robust way to tackle workload management.

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pittsburgh university

The VPO platform enables us to work as if we are all in the same room when, in reality, we’re dispersed across the country or overseas, instead of having project communications and interactions become fragmented by relying on email, everyone involved in the project can access the platform to stay on the same page. Working with our customers becomes more of a collaborative, interdependent effort, which ultimately facilitates change management. We are saving time, controlling costs, maximizing resource utilization, increasing throughput, and making fewer mistakes--which were our goals when we implemented the VPO solution.

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We are not a construction firm. We are a steel-making company that is growing rapidly with several large construction projects going on at the same time. Previously, each division had its own approach to managing its construction projects, and the construction group was searching to find common practices to track ongoing projects. . .We realized we needed a single, cloud-based platform with heightened security protocols to bring consistency, standardization, repeatability, and greater efficiency to the way that we manage our internal construction projects.

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Because many of our clients are public entities such as schools and authorities, their projects carry more stringent documentation management and records archiving requirements to maintain transparency into a project’s execution. Many people don’t realize just how much paper and documentation are involved with public construction projects, and streamlining the flow of documents and automating, managing, and archiving communications are an important part of the services that we provide.

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sb thomas

Our clients hire us to keep projects on schedule and under budget without sacrificing quality or cutting corners. VPO is a great tool for helping us consistently achieve those goals while maximizing resource utilization. Documents are located and questions are answered a lot faster, and the system saves us a ton of time, and money because there’s no extraneous effort to locate information or documentation. Everything is so easy to access or update, and everything is tracked. There’s no need to do things by hand or make manual updates.

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As our construction management business continued to grow—and we had more projects to manage concurrently—we began looking for a better, more organized, single-platform solution. While all of the vendors could handle the basics of processing submittals and change orders, we wanted a solution that was more customizable. With VPO, we’ve streamlined our workflows, improved communications with clients and contractors, and have realized an effective quality control function in the process.

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bowen collins

With VPO, SIMPLUS [since acquired by Anser Advisory] is more productive. We do more with less people, take on more work, and make more money. It’s also been a tool that our clients have embraced, making them more productive. VPO is so easy to use and implement that we’ve found that we don’t need to add additional staff on larger projects. VPO helps reduce that need, adds value, and makes us more competitive. We’re doing much more with less people, resulting in higher revenue.

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anser advisory

VPO is compartmentalized very well and provides the access control tools that we need to automate information flows as well as workflows. By managing user access and tying that access into workflows, we are realizing additional efficiencies as well as the heightened transparency required of a governmental entity. And, at the end of the project, everything is archived, preserving a public record on every project.

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