3 Advantages to Microsoft 365 and SharePoint, with VPO

For custom construction management collaboration solutions in Microsoft 365, on SharePoint, avoid Big Software and select lean and nimble VPO.

You're exploring tech firms' solutions, but what you're really looking for is your solution.

Table of Contents

  1. We Understand
  2. We're With You
  3. We've Got This

We understand.

How can I select construction management software when I'm not even sure yet what we'll need for our projects, exactly--and when those needs will probably change at some point anyway?

1. Customization & Enhancement​

The one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t really work on all projects, or for all project teams. Instead, we get to know each customer, we listen to their ideas, and we present options that suit their unique needs and preferences. The difference between VPO and off-the-shelf applications? It’s our people. You're not just getting a product. You're getting a partner.

We give you a starting point so that you can begin using VPO right out of the gate, and then on a continual basis we work with you to make custom modifications and enhancements.


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We're with you.

I see a way to improve our process, and I just want to implement it. I don't want to have to ask Big Software to consider adopting my idea, and then wait months or even years until they roll it out.

2. Rapid Implementation & Onboarding​

Because VPO is lean and nimble rather than being a hefty enterprise system, we deploy within weeks or days, not months. The solution we deliver is simple, elegant, and easy to use; and we record live, custom, role-based training sessions for all of your participants. Plus we build your solution in the Microsoft 365 cloud, on SharePoint technology, so the interface and user experience feel just like the Microsoft applications that your team members already know. You won’t have to spend time and effort adjusting to a proprietary system that demands a steep learning curve.

We've got this.

Wait--SharePoint? Don't I have to buy a software program that was written for construction, from scratch? If I want to see if I can change the review-and-approval process for RFIs or Submittals, I can't expect that our IT Department will know what that's all about.​

3. Experience & Expertise

Nope! The same 37+ years of construction project management experience and tech expertise that drove us to master SharePoint and mold it for construction workflow and process management will now work for you, tailoring VPO to your specifications. Plus VPO is a full-service solution; we’re the Training, Administration, and Support team for all of your users--both internal and external to your organization.

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