VPO's Visit to Adobe's Abode

VPO Creator & CEO Laura Nee was thrilled to tour the new building at customer Adobe's corporate campus in Lehi, Utah. The project's participants all used VPO for construction management collaboration.

When Director of Project Management Justina Hyland invited our CEO to check out the four-story, 160,000-square-foot Adobe office building that VPO had helped to build, Laura Nee happily accepted.

She and Kelly Rickli, our UX/UI Designer, flew from Pittsburgh, PA, to Lehi, UT, for a personal tour at Phase Two of the corporate campus.

VPO has been Adobe's virtual project office since February of 2018 so for key members of the VPO team, visiting an Adobe construction project was a real treat. 2-Feb-17-2022-02-44-12-95-PM

They were fascinated by, and taken with, the kinetic sculpture pieces and other original artwork.

The focus of their delight, though, was in further strengthening the partnership between Adobe and VPO that continues to be so successful--and so much fun.

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